Jorge Adeler

Women's Sonoran Turquoise 18k Cigar Band


Turquoise is and has been a highly prized gemstone for ages. Its finest variety is a soft Sleeping Beauty blue. This Sonoran Turquoise is mined in Cananea, Mexico. The spectacular blend of Sleeping Beauty blue mixed with a lime green is highly prized. Often, these stones are accented by a golden brown matrix creating an extra sparkle and shine making this is a more stunning and rare variety. Unlike other turquoise that is mined in veins—this variety is found in the clay in individual nuggets.

  • Jorge Adeler Earth Ring
  • 18k yellow gold
  • 11.5ct Sonoran Turquoise
  • Size 6 3/4-sizing available upon request (additional fee may apply)
  • Handmade in USA at Adeler Jewelers

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