Hello, I’m Jorge Adeler

For over 40 years traveling the world in search of treasures I have been able to discover the finest sources for gemstones, pearls, and authentic ancient & shipwreck coins for my work.

My ultimate goal is to be able to pair a gem with its rightful person. Only then can it communicate its secrets and mysteries and allow me to create a piece of jewelry with emotion and purpose.

- Jorge

“To be able to understand a gem, first one has to understand its origin, its people, its country, and its hidden emotion.”

Gems of the sea

Palawan, Philippines
Filming ocean documentary

Photography, my second passion

Paspaley Boat/ Kimberley Region, Australia
for South Sea Pearls

Deep inside the earth

Coscuez, Colombia
Mining for Emeralds

“Often, it begins with the gemstones, and then I start sketching. When the client begins to share their vision,
and I can help guide them with mine,
that's when the magic happens.”