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Peridot & Chrome Diopside Earrings

Green Tourmaline Ring

Sonoran Turquoise & Gold Necklace

Sonoran Turquoise & Diamond Pendant

Authentic Felicitas Coin Cuff With Diamonds

Authentic Pegasus Coin Cuff With Diamonds

Gold Link Chain Bracelet

Gold & Diamond "Sisters" Ring

Gold link choker necklace

Rutilated Berryl & Gold Necklace

Chrysoprase & Diamond Cross Pendant

Authentic Athena Coin Pendant

Triple Strand Sonoran Turquoise Necklace

Cambolite Ring

Blue & Golden zircon earrings

Authentic Venus Coin & Diamond Necklace

Tanzanite & diamond Earrings

Aquamarine & Diamond Ring

Aquamarine & Gold Necklace

Lava Stone & Diamond Necklace

Authentic Greek Eagle Leather Bracelet

Authentic Alexander the Great coin bracelet

Authentic Greek Eagle Leather Bracelet

Aquaprase & gold necklace

Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Amazonite & gold necklace

Green Tourmaline & Gold Earrings

Chrysoprase & gold Necklace

Green Tourmaline & gold ring

green tourmaline & diamond earrings

Sonoran Turquoise Cigar Ring

Mint tourmaline & Diamond earrings

Pearl & Gold earrings

Authentic Pegasus Coin & Diamond Cuff

Authentic Boy on Horse & Diamond Bracelet

Gold & diamond bangle bracelet

Gold link bracelet

Gold link chain

Opal & Diamond ring

Aquamarine & diamond Earrings

Authentic Athena Coin & Diamond Pendant

Authentic Greek Eagle coin & Diamond pendant