Jorge Adeler, Sourcing Diamonds from Israel

Diamond Sourcing in Israel

Jorge Adeler inspects 3 million dollar diamond parcel Jorge Adeler inspects 3 million dollar diamond parcel Jorge Adeler inspects 3 million dollar diamond parcel Phone next to large raw diamond parcel Black Diamonds

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An Interview with Jorge Adeler

Q:  What drives you to travel to these exotic locations?

A:  As a jeweler, I have the pleasure of selling products of extraordinary beauty, but I also have the opportunity to transmit the romance, history and adventure of that gem. The more I know, the better I can relay these additional facets of each jewel. Another added bonus is cost related, the closer that I can get to the actual “source” the better the price is to obtain it and subsequently to pass along to my clients. Finally, it gives me an excuse to leave my daughters working …while I get to travel around the world.

Q:  Aside from Israel, the focus of this trip, which other countries have you visited for jewelry purposes?

A:  Italy is where I purchase gold chains in Arezzo, spectacular pearl clasps in Naples and my commissioned Adeler watch line in Vicenza. This is the best source for 14k and 18k gold.
Brazil is where I find an assortment of gems including Aquamarine, Tourmaline and Amethyst.
Argentina, where I was born, is a wonderful source for Onyx and Rhodocrosite (which is the national stone).
Chile is the source for Lapis Lazuli.
Uruguay is where I source Citrine, Amethyst and Agate.
Bolivia is my source for Amethrine.
Colombia has the best Emerald mines in the world, Muzo, Chivor, La Pita are just to name a few.
The Philippines have gorgeous South Sea Golden pearls (Palawan).
China is where I obtain my fresh water and Ikecho pearls.
Japan is for Akoya pearls.
Tahiti is one of the sources I use for Black Pearls along with Hong Kong where I attended the renowned Robert Wang pearl auction.
Ecuador for Shipwreck coins from the Spanish Empire (155’s – 1800’s).

Q:  What is next?

A:  Thailand for Sapphires and Rubies.
Kenya for Tsavorite and Tanzanite (Tanzania).
Australia for Large South (white) South Sea pearls.

Selecting diamonds Selecting Diamonds Selecting Diamonds
Selecting Diamonds Selecting Diamonds Selecting Diamonds

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Q:  Is traveling vital to your business?

A:  YES! My interaction and exposure to different cultures replenishes my brain with fresh ideas and also inspires me a great deal when I create my designs.

Q:  What took you to Israel?

A:  Ramat Gan (15 minutes from downtown Tel Aviv) is the heart of the diamond trade. I had the opportunity to purchase diamonds directly from the Bourse.

Q:  What is a Bourse?

A:  The Bourse is the diamond market where thousands of diamond traders sell and exchange their goods daily. Transactions in a diamond bourse are completed without formalities and a handshake is sufficient to make a deal.

Q:   Can anyone enter a Bourse?

A:  No. Bourses are open to their members or guests of their members. You must be introduced by a full member and this person must also act as a guarantor for any purchases made.

Ramat Gan - Diamond Bourse Ramat Gan - Diamond Bourse Ramat Gan - Diamond Bourse
Diamond Workshop Diamond Workshop Diamond Workshop
Diamond Polishing Polishing Diamonds Polishing Diamonds

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Q:  Did you enjoy the visit?

A:  I will never forget my first visit and my first purchases. The extraordinary amount of diamonds at the touch of your hands is overwhelming.

Q:   Are the prices better than in the United States?

A:  Yes. Since you can purchase at the very first step in what is a long and involved journey of a diamond, it eliminates all of the markup associated with those steps. You are also able to select diamonds that will suit your need and the needs of your clients without having to take the “good, bad and the ugly” in the process (which is often the case when purchasing complete “lots”).

Q:   Will you continue purchasing in Ramat Gan?

A:  Absolutely! In order to continue to be competitive and provide my customers with a choice between the internet and the wholesalers, I have to give them a great price along with the personalized, professional service they have come to expect from me. Purchasing at the sources and working as a broker, directly from the cutting centers, I can provide my clients with the best of both worlds…price, selection, integrity and service.

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